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More And More Foreign Funds In The Capital Market This Year

Megawati: Sad, Import Dependence More Extreme

Purwakarta -former President of Indonesia Megawati Sukarnoputri, who is also the Chairman of PDI Perjuangan Party criticized the Government about the high dependence of Indonesia will import food.

At the moment, "said Megawati, Indonesia faced a serious threat on the matter of food scarcity. While the capacity of food production continued to decline sharply and followed an increase in imports.

"A condition that ensnare the people into dependency. According to the Research Institute for the study of Development of Economics of Finance (Indef), Indonesia will get back the rice import of 1.75 million tons, "said Megawati in celebration of the ANNIVERSARY of PDI Perjuangan in Jatiluhur Reservoir, Purwakarta, Thursday (10/1/2013).

Megawati said, if the rice import occurs, then Indonesia will be the second largest rice importer in the world. Not just rice, dependence on food imports have also very fantastic: soybeans (70%), salt (50%), beef (23%), and maize (11,23%)

"Which is more pathetic, the import dependency of increasingly extreme takes place in a situation where global food prices are a growing craze," said Megawati.

On the occasion, Megawati reminded, the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia-Pacific (PACIFIC (UNESCAP)), based in Bangkok, said the poor weather in producing countries a sharp rise in food prices resulted in some type of food compared to a year ago.

"This tendency should not be taken lightly. A new UN study said high food prices has forced 19.4 million people in the Asia-Pacific region lived poor. Now we're dealing with these risks. It is not surprising if the addition dramatically REVISED portion for poverty reduction programme, the fruition precisely the opposite. Poverty remains entrenched with angkuhnya. As a nation, we should be looking at the whole history and imagination development Jatiluhur in order to find a way out of a number of the question above, "Megawati said.


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The injection of trillions of Funds Earned 8 STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES at the end of the year

Jakarta -towards the close of last year, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono agreed to the State capital injections for 8 sum total that STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES reached trillions of rupiah. STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES what can?

Quoted from the website of the Secretariat of the Cabinet, Thursday (10/1/2013), injections of capital for STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES have been approved through Government Regulation (PP) which diteken SUSILO BAMBANG YUDHOYONO at the end of the year.

As for the list of STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES who got the injections of capital from STATE BUDGET-P 2012 approved in recent years are as follows:
PT Askrindo according to Government Regulation No. 107 in 2012 that was signed by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on December 24, 2012, get additional state capital amounting to Rp 825 billion. Additional capital of the State is taken from the budget revenue and Expenditure of the State (NATIONAL BUDGET) 2012. Credit Guarantee Agency Indonesia (Jamkrindo) through Government Regulation No. 108 dated December 24, 2012 Year 2012 acquiring additional capital investment in the country amounted to Rp 1,169 trillion, which the Fund is sourced from STATE BUDGET 2012; PT PAL obtains additional equity capital of Rp 600 billion from the State BUDGET to 2012 according to Government Regulation No. 110 in 2012, dated 24 December 2012; PT Pindad amounting to Rp 2 trillion from 2012 STATE BUDGET according to government regulations The number 111 in 2012, dated 24 December 2012; the ship Industry PT Indonesia gained Rp 200 billion from the STATE BUDGET to 2012 according to Government Regulation No. 112, dated December 24, 2012 Year 2012; PT Garam gained Rp 100 billion from NATIONAL BUDGET 2012 according to Government Regulation No. 113, dated December 24, 2012 Year 2012; danPT at Rp 400 billion from the STATE BUDGET to 2012 according to Government Regulation No. 116 in 2012, dated 28 December 2012. PT Damri according Regulation No. 115 dated 27 year 2012 December 2012 acquiring additional capital investment in the country amounted to Rp 11,048 billion.The inclusion of an additional state capital not to be not Damri cash as STATE-OWNED ENTERPRISES SOES-other, additional capital in the form of the State Damri to diversion of goods belonging to the Ministry of transportation in the form of bus 37 HD unit Hyundai Mighty 136-B pengadaannya sourced from STATE BUDGET 2010.


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The Beverly Hills home of Madonna Dilego Rp 214 Billion

Los Angeles -Madonna's luxury home in Beverly Hills has to offer to the market for US $ 22.5 million (US $ 214 billion). This House has in the past 10 years.

As quoted from Forbes, Thursday (10/1/2013), chanter Material Girl is already intending to sell luxury homes since 2012. Previously, he has been offering this ancient France-style house for US $ 28 million (US $ 276 billion).

However, the rates are too high it makes it less attractive to potential buyers. Moreover, Madonna does not allow people into their homes, plus the photos provided are only taken from the air a.k.a. looked up.

Finally, he lowered the selling price of luxury homes so that could be a lot more people interested. Madonna bought the House in 2003 while still married to Guy Richie, for US $ 12 million (US $ 114 billion).

Like other former properties, Holywood celebrities selling price jualnya up with high prices each year. Home built 1912 was founded on a land area of 15,000 square meters.

This home features 9 kamari sleep, 2 living room, multilevel dining room, mini cinema, fitness room, swimming pool and tennis court.

This home also features several room that serves as the Office, including room for a personal assistant, employees and guests.

Madonna only had one house in Los Angeles. After the sale, he will settle in the East coast of the United States (u.s.). Prior to this, he had to sell his duplex on the Upper West Side for US $ 23.5 million (US $ 223,25 billion).

Nowadays, he lives in a townhouse in the Georgia area for Rp 30 million (US $ 306 billion), which he bought in 2009. Madonna also had a house in Bridgehampton, New York.


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